10 Never-Failing Ways to Increase Cycling Motivation

10 Never-Failing Ways to Increase Cycling Motivation

Not only riding enthusiasts, but all the people sometimes have troubles finding their motivation. As it is so tempting to hit the snooze button, snuggle down in bed for 20 minutes more, and accept the consequences for that missed ride later. We’ve nailed some of the easiest ways to regain your motivation for cycling. We’re totally sure you will be able to pull yourself together, get out of bed, and even reach the coffee machine.


Organize a ride involving friends
All right, you would never like the situation of being cursed by your friends for letting them down at the last minute. Arrange a ride involving your friend so both of you will be more likely to make this ride happen.ride_with_friends


Set a goal
To keep focused on your goal, try to find a challenge or a sportive event to work toward. The purpose should not necessarily be intimidating or competitive. Such a regular thing as completing a determined distance by a fixed date will do. You create your own competition, and you’re the only one competitor. That sort of practice can be confidence inspiring and fun as well. The pleasant feeling of “Who slayed? I slayed!”, resulting from your completion of the challenge is totally worth it.


Make donations
You can raise money for cycling in many different ways, for instance, you can join a sportive event. To enter into some of them you need to pay the entry fee sponsorship, this is how you can help. It’s worth mentioning that these events commonly have a fantastic, welcoming atmosphere. So, if you’re involved into one, you’ll be sure that every pedal stroke matters.


Get ready beforehand
Get all the items of your equipment and sportswear ready and organized the night before the ride. Lay out your clothes, give your bike a quick once-over, and check the weather forecast. Your perfectly arranged gear will be calling out your name when you get up. As for your bike, it’ll be raring to go, just like a puppy that’s seen the lead come out of the draw.


Let others know
Sure, there’s no need to shout out about every single upcoming ride, or you risk losing your friends. But if you know about or take part in a massive challenge coming soon, let others know. This is your honorable duty.


Fear of Missing Out (FOMO)
Sadly, it becomes a part of our reality, and a lot of people are subject to it. You should always remember that social media doesn’t always truly reflect other people’s life. That is where Strava, a mobile app designed for cycling fans, comes in handy. Just take a brief look at the Strava news feed and make sure it’s all about cycling, nothing is hidden behind. Well, if this fact in not motivating enough, you can always go back to point number one for meeting arrangement with true riding enthusiasts.


Sign up for a cycling club
Joining a club has its benefits. You’ll be able to pick up a totally new social circle by means of riding along with other bike-lovers. It’s also an excellent way to improve your local route knowledge, mechanical skills, and group riding skills.


Try something new
There’s nothing wrong with getting bored, especially when your regular cycling routine is outdated. So trying a new route or a discipline (such as cyclocross or track) won’t disappoint you. Even more, we think that a new style of riding will push you to improve your technique and fitness.


Reward yourself
If you want to drop pounds through cycling, then food-related self-rewarding is not the best option. But if you’re fine with your weight and just want to improve your fitness, rewarding yourself with a tiny piece of your favorite meal sounds good.
The rewards could be anything else but food: a cycling jacket or a visitor ticket to the track cycling at Revolution. The point is to make the reward worth your efforts. Get it, girl!


Buy a new bike
No need to explain… Nothing can beat that feeling of riding a new bike!

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