3 Simple Hacks to Nail Down Your Bad Eating Habits

3 Simple Hacks to Nail Down Your Bad Eating Habits

You aren’t alone face-to-face with your overeating on the diet battlefield. Even the editors of the fitness journals have to endure the same battle every day. Meet the Popsugar editor and her hacks on how she overcame her old eating habits.
1.Keep leftovers left alone.

Stick to the healthy nutrition and still not a ‘stick’? Probably, you just can’t stop eating your healthy food after having your meal. If so, once your dinner is ready, keep an eye on the proper portioning. If there are some leftovers, throw them out or put them away in the fridge into the farthest corner. If the food’s beyond the sight, how can it lure you?

2. Reduce the dairy.

You’ll never reach the lower calorie intake consuming the tons of dairy. Opt for the veggie-based alternatives, such as stir fries, roasted veggies with rice and beans, soups, and amazing salads. The larger amount of the fiber-rich nutrients will make you feel fuller and more satisfied.

3. Lock your woe up alone.

Even if these measures are taken, and still, you can’t help devouring extra bites like little (but rich) sweet feasts, make fruit options instead. Once you’re done eating, just lock the kitchen up.

That’s it – you’re armed to the teeth!

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