5 Easy Solutions For A Quick Post-Run Recovery

5 Easy Solutions For A Quick Post-Run Recovery

Your running campaign is managed—yippee! Now it’s time for a professional recovery.

Running gives a lot of fun, indeed. Still, everyone spends a lot of time thinking of the best way to celebrate the achievements after a sweat-worthy run. You’ll probably think about the places to eat at, the drinks to have, and even the loveliest of all things—your catnap. Isn’t it the best part of being involved in running? Here are the five easy steps for you to recover properly.


1. Have a yummy snack.
It’s necessary to have a refill of proteins and carbohydrates after having run over 30–60 minutes. If you’re crying out for a strawberry smoothie, a large salad serving, or a King size burger, you’d better have any of these to make sure you don’t get over exhausted within the daytime.


2. Get into an icy bath.
Sure, icy water could be hardly bearable and nothing similar to an entertainment but, after all, you’ll enjoy that feeling of full recovery. The process of your recovery will be considerably accelerated if you soak in an ice bath for at least 20 minutes after your racecourse.


3. Find some time to stretch your muscles.
It feels really good and is merely important because it relieves the muscle tension. Anyway, give it a try and then train for a few minutes using your foam roller. Both exercises should be done if you’re interested in recovering quickly and avoiding injury. Fire up your muscles with active stretches like leg swings, and finish your running routine with static stretches.


recovery run

4. Have a good slack.
Cuddling with a puppy on the couch—what can better to recover fast?


5. Compliment your efforts with a drink (or two).
Drinking beer may seem so tempting, but you should always remember that the immoderate consumption of spirits can actually slow down your muscle recovery, so don’t hit the booze.

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