5 Tips To Wake Up Easier For Your Rinning Sessions

5 Tips To Wake Up Easier For Your Rinning Sessions

Don’t let your fitness goals drift because of daylight saving time. It almost feels like a disaster when the clocks cut into precious sleep time. The lost 60 minutes may have an adverse effect on your running sessions. But there’s nothing to worry about. With these five useful tips, you’ll overcome the temptation to shut off the alarm and skip a session.


1. Good weekend’s repose
It’s highly important to have a good rest at night, especially this weekend. Your body needs the time to make the transition to the new weekday schedule. To start with, have a racecourse on Saturday; this will improve your sleep quality. You should lower your caffeine and alcohol intake. Calm your caffeine consumption down by 2 p.m. on Saturday; that will help get you into deeper stages of sleep that night.less_alcohol


2. Shift your sleeping time
Take the benefit of waking up half an hour later on Sunday morning. Just go to bed 30 minutes earlier on Saturday night! It takes the circadian clock in the body about a day to get used to the change.


3. Remain a habitual race time
Keep your weekday running schedule on track, and try not to postpone the races.
For instance, if you’re used to running at 6:30 a.m., leave it that way. Sure, the transition to the new schedule will be tough. The first workouts might feel harder because of the clock change. But don’t give way to panic, it’ll all normalize.


4. Adjust the schedule according to your physical state
If heading out for a run with the rising sun frustrates you, try to do it a bit later. According to the latest research published in the journal Neuron, your body produces melatonin (the hormone which helps you fall asleep). When exposing your body to light, you kind of block melatonin production and, thus, feel perkier.


5. Alarm-clock out of reach 
You need some extra motivation to get out of bed. A simple but effective trick is to keep the alarm clock out of your reach. The point is you will have to get up, as no one is going to shut the alarm down. After a few days of such alarm-clock-wars your schedule will go right back to feeling normal.

Now, with all these simple tips, you will be able not to miss your running sessions.

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