6 Top-Notch Meditation Apps for Effective Stress-Relief

6 Top-Notch Meditation Apps for Effective Stress-Relief

In the course of the last year, mindfulness and meditation have been gaining extreme popularity owing to their phenomenal benefits. With the help of meditation, people are able to fight depression and anxiety, combat stress, boost energy, improve sleep, and even help the immune system. You don’t have to “go big or go home”; otherwise, it will scare you. The main point is to start, to try it out. So, to begin with, have a look at our list of meditation apps for newbies and pick one for yourself.


1. Headspace

This app is considered one of the most respected meditation apps (Emma Watson thinks it’s “genius”). You can download it for free and start the test program. The pricing for further subscription varies from $6 per month if you sign up for at least two years. The wide range of different meditation sessions is available for downloading; so you can use them offline anywhere, anytime.


2. OMG. I Can Meditate!


I Can Meditate! And I mean it! This free app was created by Lynne Goldberg, a meditation coach. The app developer has provided its subscribers with a lot of various programs. OMG. I Can Meditate! is designed to fit almost any taste, as it offers some specialty programs that can be relationship-focused, spiritual, or time-based.


3. Yoga Wake Up Alarm Clock


With this fancy app, you will always get up on the right side of the bed. Yoga Wake Up Alarm Clock lets you set your morning alarm and pick any yoga practice or meditation to get moving. Try out “Anja Meditation” or “Three Tokens of Gratitude.” Some options are inbuilt and free, while others cost $1. But the app has a preview feature for you to know this option is not a money-waste.


4. Buddhify


The Buddhify app offers you a playful approach to your meditation program for only $5. The basic principle is a no-brainer; you pick a problem from the list (“work break,” “can’t sleep,” or “difficult emotions”), and the app suggests a program for you. This app has been highly rated on its App Store page, as it’s user-friendly and super customizable.


5. Relax Melodies Oriental Meditation


If you meditate mostly for hitting the hay, then Relax Melodies will come in handy. The app offers a wide range of built-in alarm clocks, different tranquil and white noises, and guided meditation sessions. So, the process of falling asleep will be handled.


6. Calm


As you might have guessed from its name, the Calm app can be customized to your meditation preferences. Are you in a mood for “21 Days of Calm” or “7 Days of Self-Esteem”? Or, a 5-, 20- or 30-minute session of deep sleep will attract your attention? All the features are customizable. You can choose a “muscle relax,” “release,” or “body scan” session, set the desired time, and enjoy the anodyne Zen feeling. Calm is a free app that works very well.

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