A Crisis? Great! Don’t Let It Go Unused

A Crisis? Great! Don’t Let It Go Unused

Have you ever checked out the strength of a crisis? The Great Depression triggered the appearance of Social Security, World War II – the United Nations, and so on. What if to apply the same principle to our personal lives?
The psychologists’ research proves that. Fear is a catalyst for changes, which can be either negative, when we grow addicted to old habits, for instance, of positive when it leads us to the breakthrough.
Take the story of Rich Roll, an ultra athlete, as an example. He seemed to have everything he wanted: two children, and a successful career as an entertainment lawyer. But all his evenings he spent devouring cheeseburgers in front of TV that replaced his old subdued alcohol and drug addictions.
One night after he had checked on his sleeping children he returned to his bedroom upstairs. Just eight stairs turned out to be a real torment. And, out of the blue, Roll realized who (what!) he had become. An extremely obese man (40 pounds overweight!), who might not see his two-year-old daughter’s wedding.


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In that very moment, it occurred to him that he sincerely desired the change. He knew exactly that these moments shouldn’t be squandered, but seized at all costs, before they ultimately vanish.
He started doing sports, became a vegan and two years later – one of the fittest ultra athletes of the world. Finally, he knew who he had become – a man, a father, an athlete.

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