A Single Photo Made Her Lose 90 Pounds

A Single Photo Made Her Lose 90 Pounds

Now, she is healthier, stronger, and happier. How?
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Five years ago, while Kayte Hennick was looking at the photos from a recent hangout with friends, her eyes were filled with tears. She sat, thinking about how uncomfortable she felt herself at that moment, even in new clothes, with her hair done.
Suddenly, it made her realize that in her 22 with 243 pounds, she couldn’t do everyday things easily, like others.
Though the girl had made several attempts to lose weight, they were all pointless, as she always found an excuse: the gym is too far away, diet is too unbearable, and the like. But this time, something has finally clicked inside.

At first, she reconsidered her nutrition, cutting off junk food, adding there tons of water, veggies, fruits, and proteins.
She started to work out early in the morning six times a week. She found it more motivating to do early workouts. First, it didn’t ruin her schedule; second, she had no time to lose motivation; and, finally, it made her energetic throughout a day.

It wasn’t a smooth road, though. Sometimes, she felt frustrated seeing no results. Then, she made tweaks in nutrition and in workouts, and after a while, results showed up. Every time she felt like skipping her morning workout, she asked herself ‘How will it affect my goals?’ Putting on the scale a warm cozy bed, and the effect it can make on her goals, the latter always won.
With 90 pounds behind her, she never ceases to move to the new goals. Moments of weakness seize her now and then but she looks back, and it motivates her to move.

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