All Secrets About Coffee Unveiled

All Secrets About Coffee Unveiled

Surely, most of you are sipping coffee while reading this article. But have you ever thought of how much the caffeine impacts on your body? If no, read on.


Positive effects.
10 minutes after the caffeine reaches your bloodstream – and it lessens the effects of adenosine (a depressant), fueling you up with a burst of energy. Besides, coffee also improves your mood, as it boosts dopamine, known for its feel-good effects.
Plus, caffeine is both a laxative and a diuretic, as it provokes bowel and gallbladder movements. Thus, caffeine prevents gallstones and constipations. But it’s no way dehydrating, as alleged.
Caffeine suppresses appetite and even stimulates calorie loss and some choke down countless mugs a day to lose weight. That’s partly logical but not a panacea.


Beware! Side effects.
The late ‘cup of Joe’ may develop insomnia, especially if you are prone to this disorder. Make the last cup at noon, as the caffeine’s half-life takes from 4 to 6 hours.
Overdosing interferes in your brain chemistry, which may cause jitteriness, anxiety, and even panic attacks, especially if you are too much sensitive to its mood-altering effects.
Some habitual drinkers tend to have a bit higher blood pressure (with exceptions), as due to hormones and neurotransmitters affected, your heart rate increases. On the contrary, consumption in moderation (up to three cups a day), though, can’t affect a healthy human body.
On top of that, it creates dependence. Coffee-addicts tend to wake up exhausted with a headache without the dose.

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