An Inspiring Story Of Beth Caldwell

An Inspiring Story Of Beth Caldwell

Once athletic and health-focused Beth Caldwell, a middle-aged mother of 2 children and the co-owner of CrossFit BNI, won a struggle against – a devastating for every cross fitter diagnosis – brain cancer.
Beginning with bursts of deja vu twice a day within a 15-minute limit, followed by dizziness, weakness, crazy smells, blurry vision and metallic taste in the mouth, the attacks grew in frequency. Eventually, Beth googled her symptoms and diagnosed herself with temporal lobe seizures.
Heartbroken though, she resumed her workouts not to be disqualified in the middle of CrossFitOpen. After the Open she consulted a doctor. Despite her reluctance to believe, the competitive athlete suffered from brain cancer.
While waiting for a surgery, she didn’t stop workouts despite the raised eyebrows of other CrossFitters pissing her off but not making her surrender.


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About a month later when 47 staples had been removed, Beth could finally do her first workout. Meanwhile, she underwent six-month chemotherapy, which exhausted her considerably, and, with eyelids stuck, she went to the gym, where the overall atmosphere cheered her up. Moreover, Beth kept on participating in competitions, including Barbells for Boos that raises money for breast cancer research.
The whole experience became an irresistible confirmation for Beth that CrossFit helped her defeat the disease, as it kept her away from giving way to chemo-weakness and prevented a recurrence of cancer. However, it is important to listen to your body signals and doctor’s recommendations.

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