Arguments For Additional Motivation

Arguments For Additional Motivation

You always have time… and no matter how many things are ahead of you.
Draft a plan, crossing out unnecessary things, highlight the priorities. Get up an hour earlier, and devote this time to eating the frog. Do things you have always wanted to do without entering the gym. Need extra motivation? Download a suitable fitness app, or purchase a Nike Fuel Band or a Fitness tracker.
Money isn’t an issue
No need to pay for walking outdoors or joining a running club. You do not have to join a gym if it is out of your budget. At least, you can stream workouts online for a very low fee!
Nobody cares
People in gym on treadmill running

When you enter a gym, don’t feel self-conscious. Do not be afraid of somebody watching and judging you, because everyone there is in a survival mode, craving for the same goal – to become better.

You are never too old, or too fat.

Do not let your age or size control your actions. Actually, we underestimate our capabilities. Your best shape may be years ahead of you. If you still have arguments, google a bit for seniors winning competitions to dispel all doubts.
Not moving – that what kills you
not moving is killing
Though jumping, stretching, workouts at Lithe Method may appear somehow stressful for your bones, bear in mind that they strengthen the latter greatly. So, anytime you feel like breaking out into a run, do it and modify if necessary. Remember, not moving is far more dangerous than moving.

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