At-home Workouts Become More and More Enjoyable

At-home Workouts Become More and More Enjoyable

Good news for at-home training avids! The Runtastic Results app, packed with quick and intense workouts, has been flourished with two extra marvelous updates.


Progress pics.
Track your progress with Progress pics, and what is really great – share them with your friends on social media to fuel them up with motivation.


Compatibility with Apple TV & Chromecast.
The Results app is now compatible with Apple TV and Chromecast. The both will enable you to see workout demonstrations on a big screen.compitable with tv


The reasons to use the Results app.

1. Save time and money on driving to the gym and paying for an expensive membership.

2. Stop looking for a babysitter! Keep an eye on your kids during the workout or squeeze it during their nap.

3. Don’t be bound to the gym! You can work out anywhere: outdoors if the weather is proper; on vacation or a business trip.

4. Be a positive influence! As your friends see your results on social media, they will be much more motivated than from constant nagging. Plus, you can entice your partner (or even your kids!) to join you, as they watch you training at home.

5. Nobody’s judging you. Some feel intimidated at the gym, doing their best not to make a mistake.
Of course, at the expense of the result. You can relax with the Results app and do your thing.

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