Become More Flexible with These Simple Exercises

Become More Flexible with These Simple Exercises

Want to loosen up a sore back or stretch your hamstrings? Or just be more flexible? No problem. Do some of these stretches once or twice a day and enjoy the speedy results.


1. Make a lunge: right knee at 90 degrees in front of you, left leg underneath, parallel to the right leg. With hands on right knee, chest tall, pull forward back hip. Hold for 30 seconds. Switch.


2. Lie on back, hands by sides, knees at 90 degrees. Lift right leg, then – hips, forming a straight line from knee to shoulder; lower hips. Do 10 controlled reps, holding the last one for 10 seconds. Switch.


3. Sit on floor, torso upright, legs extended together in the front. Turn ribcage right, twisting it as far as possible. Return. Switch. Do 10 reps. Hold the final twist for 30 seconds.


4. Stand upright, feet apart, knees slightly bent, arms by sides. Bend forward, exhaling, facedown floor, and embrace backs of legs. Hold up to 2 minutes.


5. Sit upright on floor, soles together, knees forming a butterfly. Seize feet with hands and lean forward to the max. Hold for 45 seconds. Release.


6. Lie facedown, fingers forward, legs extended behind. Press into hands so as to lift belly (but not pelvis!) off the floor, draw shoulder blades together, open chest. Hold for 30-45 seconds. 5 reps.


7. Stand upright, feet slightly apart, arms raised overhead. Bend right elbow to touch upper back. Pull slightly right elbow with the left hand, reached behind, toward the head. Hold for 45 seconds. Switch.


8. Legs crossed, shoulders down, and cross right arm over left. Lift hands toward the ceiling, elbows lock and twist hands around until palms face each other. Hold for 45 seconds. Switch.


9. Stand upright, feet together, arms by sides. Move right heel toward butt and seize top of the foot with the right hand, right foot pressed against hand, raise the left-hand overhead for balance. Hold for a minute. Switch.

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