Carbs Help You Stay Fit

Carbs Help You Stay Fit

We got used to hearing that carbs are vicious. While low-carbonate diets are in trend, almost nobody considers these elements to be as vital as proteins and fat. In fact, carbohydrates are the source of energy, contained in whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.
So, lack of these nutrients leads to numerous problems:


– Workouts become unbearably challenging.
Registered dietitians strongly urge us to eat high-carb foods before a workout for a reason. Without them, even easy exercise seems to be a Sisyphean task.


– Brain’s out of control
If your brain doesn’t get sufficient amount of adequate carbs, you start feeling foggy, unable to concentrate. Your mood starts swinging.


– Fresh-made bakery fantasies
If you think about carb-rich food, you need it. “Adding more carbs into your diet may help you achieve that balance to curb those cravings,” says Langer.


– Muscle loss
When you work out really hard with no carbs consumed, your body compensates them by muscles. You may wind up losing your muscle mass and gaining fat.


– Society isolation
Some ‘diet victims’ tend to skip hangouts connected with high-carb foods, when they feel, they can’t sustain from eating them. Just moderate dozing in order to enjoy your life.


– Bad breath
Lack of carbs can result in ketosis, when fat is burned for energy instead of carbs. Thus, ketone bodies in the saliva have a really unpleasant odor.


– Constipation
Complex carbohydrates contain fiber, which makes digestion smooth. So, eat more fiber-rich vegetables to go number 2 easily.

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