Cardio Alone Is Useless For The Nagging Belly Fat

Cardio Alone Is Useless For The Nagging Belly Fat

You might have heard that cardio training make you lose weight by reducing the amount of fat in your body. There is an exception: if you want to get rid of the abdominal fat, there is no point in working up a sweat on the treadmill. Weight training is what professional coaches strictly recommend us doing.
What makes my belly muscles so special?
Obviously, this opinion hasn’t come from anywhere but was experimentally proved: the guys who spent 20 minutes a day weight training are less likely to put on age-related abdominal fat than those who did vigorous cardio exercises for the same period of time.
But why is this happening?
The point is, ageing provokes losing muscle mass and gaining fat. Unlike to aerobics, weight training burns extra fat, building up muscle mass and, in this way, it reverses the process of putting on the belly fat. Moreover, as compared to men, females tend to have more fat, and less muscles, thus, this form of exercise makes more sense for them in pursuit of flat bellies.

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Should I skip my cardio training session then?
The best way-out is to combine the both, three times a week for cardio and three times – for weight training, 25 minutes per each session, and with compulsory stretching in the end.
And, keep in mind that for better results, you should hit all your major muscles every week.

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