ClassPass App: The Alternatives

ClassPass App: The Alternatives

It’s Not Just You Who’s Getting Thinner . Your wallet – as well. Since ClassPass (the app which provides you an access to more than 8 000 fitness studios) is getting pricey, it’s time to look for the options. Fear not, for a small membership fee, you can sculpt your body even at home. Here are the best options.

GOQii, $29 monthly
Together with a fitness tracker, the GOQii enables you to choose the health and fitness coach based on your individual needs, and to keep in touch with that person via unlimited texting and the monthly phone calls. As it syncs with a bulk of the other fitness devices, it tracks the user’s activity, sleep, and nutrition better. Also, you can get ‘Karma Points’, which are converted into the cash after you achieve your goals.goqii


Mission360, $35 monthly
This web-based program can strengthen your body and enrich your spirit. Its ‘fusion fitness’ includes dance, yoga, cardio workouts, and meditation classes. Also, you can get personal recommendations from the experts on meditation, reiki, hypnotherapy, life coaching, nutrition, career, relationships, of course, for the extra charge.


BODY, $30 monthly
Imagine you are at the real-life fitness class with this platform. Just attend a virtual studio and select the scheduled class. In addition, keep tabs on your nutrition and mental fitness with BODY. Coaches themselves can also create their own virtual studios there.

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