Don’t Worry And Run!

Don’t Worry And Run!

Can’t stand but need running? The Finnish content creator at Adidas Group in Germany named Maria has finally come up with simple tips to love run after a lot of trial and error.


Proper technique.
Things have become easier since Maria discovered this simple rule: keep arms at 90 degrees, swaying them like pendulums. Lean slightly forward and land on the ball of your foot. Sounds too simple? That’s what they call the ‘simplicity of genius’. Since then, Maria’s arms didn’t get fatigued like before. Moreover, she stopped striking her heels and felt much less impact on her knees.


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Pleasant + not-so-pleasant.
Obviously, you might not get inspired after signing up for a 5K, since you may be not a marathon avid, and tend to avoid crowds and competition. In this case, search for another source of motivation: choose a good audio-book to get distracted from efforts you take. Get bored of books? Choose music, podcasts, even sounds of nature, wind blowing into the face, rain tickling your skin, or Story Runs – whatever nudges you to get going.


Walk slowly to the fast results.
Maria ‘runs-walks-runs’ make her look like a slow poke, as every runner passes her by on street. But that’s OK with her, because, as a newbie, she needs more endurance, not speed. ‘Run-walk-run’ is the greatest proven method for this purpose.


Just enjoy!
And an essential tip: running shouldn’t be compulsory by no means! Enjoy what you do, do what you enjoy.

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