Early Workout? Fuel Up With These Speedy Breakfasts

Early Workout? Fuel Up With These Speedy Breakfasts

Having a wee small hour workout may appear challenging, as it is not easy to rub the sleep out of the eyes at 5 A.M. before a spin class.

Breakfast might be helpful: some carbohydrates in the handful of granola will definitely set off morning fatigue. But it’s optional; for some, it’s almost impossible to tuck something up into a half-awakened stomach, or they don’t want to sacrifice time for a full breakfast requiring 60-90 minutes to digest.
If you are not hungry, there is no point in forcing yourself to eat early before the workout, better save this time for sleep. If it’s not about you, here are some 100% proven recipes.
For workouts before 7 A.M.:

•Half a banana with a teaspoon of peanut butter
•Half a mini bagel with a teaspoon of cream cheese
•A hard-boiled egg and a half slice of toast
•A handful of cereal
•1/4 cup dried fruit
•A couple swigs of 100 percent fruit juice
•Chocolate milk (a great recovery and pre-workout snack with protein and carbs balanced)
For workouts after 7 A.M.:

Some trail energy


• Oatmeal with low-fat milk (both protein- and carb-rich)
• Protein bars (easy to throw in the bag before leaving for the gym)
• A smoothie made with a scoop of protein powder, milk (or almond milk), frozen fruit, and spinach
• A slice of toast with jam (easy to digest)
• Lentil soup.

And good news for coffee fans: all these late breakfast options can be added to a cup of coffee, as a little caffeine will boost endurance.

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