Easy 10-Minute Workout To Start Your Day

Easy 10-Minute Workout To Start Your Day

Follow this circuit plan before your morning coffee to increase your fit of energy.


Let’s be honest: everybody knows the benefits that morning workout brings, especially when starting a busy working day. I’d venture to guess that not all of us are willing to go to the gym in the morning, train hard and afterward get totally office-appropriate before work.


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We offer you to try this easy 10-minute circuit workout combining strength and cardio elements to wake up faster and make your day energizing. No special equipment needed and you can do it in your sleepwear. Profit.


Kit Rich, an L.A.-based trainer and Lucy Activewear pro, shared their easy-but-stimulating formula for a complex 10-minute workout. Get started with a minute of intensive stretches like leg cradles for your muscles and joints motion. Then, here is the very formula you got to know:


1 minute of an upper-body exercise + 1 minute of a core exercise + 1 minute of lower-body exercise. Repeat this three times.


Rich’s most convenient set is one minute of push-ups, a one-minute plank hold, and one minute of squats. “This circuit is such an effective workout because you work the whole body, and you get both strengthening exercises and cardio in,” explains Rich. “Just 10 minutes will elevate your mood and you will have way more energy throughout the day.”


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It’s up to you to decide whether to follow Rich’s exercises advice or substitute them with others hitting the same muscle groups. For instance, try triceps dips for your upper-body move, bicycle crunches for your core move, and jump squats for your lower-body move. Actually, there is no difference what exercises you choose; the point of this workout is to minimize the rest time in between the sets: “This keeps the heart rate up and increases intensity of workout,” admits Rich. “And since it is such a short workout, you want to get in as much as you can.”


You may ask about the purpose. Well, try to do your best for 10 minutes, and then you’re done. Just wake up a little earlier tomorrow and give this circuit a try.

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