Eating Junk Food And Maintaining A Healthy Diet: Possible Within Moderation

Eating Junk Food And Maintaining A Healthy Diet: Possible Within Moderation

The actual meaning of ‘moderation’ is now explained by a dietician.
“All foods fit a healthy lifestyle—within moderation.” It seems that such statements shine a light on the same problem. The decision to be made is what the notion of “moderation” means, and the responsibility lies on no one but you. To be precise, one person’s scoop of biscuits and frozen yoghurt is another person’s pint.


The latest research implies that people are eager to define the notion of “moderation” as a permission to consume whatever they want, rather than a sign to restrict themselves.

On the flip side, according to Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics spokesperson Jessica Crandall, R.D.N., the meaning of “moderation” is far from the consumers’ thought, “Moderation is the avoidance of excess. When it comes to desserts, chips, and flavored beverages, I encourage my clients to consume less than 150 calories per day.”


Now, let’s get through it, what is that supposed to mean? When following her examples, 150 calories would be a little more than half a large serving of brownies, 17 potato chips, or one can of grape soda. For biscuits and frozen yoghurt, it’s half a cup.


If the restrictions are way too severe for you, that’s all right. Here is one more instruction, suggested by Men’s Health Nutrition Advisor Alan Aragon, M.S. The point is to fix the limit at 10 to 20 percent of your calories consumed daily. For instance, the men, who used to living a dynamic and healthy life, are restricted in consuming 280 up to 560 calories a day.


Apart from the traditional approaches, there’s also one that doesn’t need counting calories, “I tell my clients to think of foods as “everyday” foods or “occasional” foods.”

From this point of view, no food products are considered “bad” or forbidden. (The research also implies that your attitude may be one of the weight gaining factors.)


So, if you want to have a scoop of ice cream, go for it. Enjoy your meal!


On the other hand, such food products as vegetables, fruit, lean protein, fish, whole grains are called everyday foods. As you might have guessed from their name, these products should be eaten every single day.
You could also be curious about spirit drinks. Generally, the dietitians consider the amount of two drinks a day “moderate.”
Only keep in mind: if you’re involved in shedding pounds, drinking alcohol may produce the reverse effect on your weight-loss struggle. “I strongly advise my clients to avoid the daily dose of spirits in order to maintain the acceptable level of calories,” says Jessica Crandall.

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