Fitness Opportunities Are On The Palm Of Your Hand

Fitness Opportunities Are On The Palm Of Your Hand

Over past two years, multiple new apps have shaken up the world’s fitness industry, challenging traditional membership structures.
Take ClassPass, which allows you to book into any fitness class in 8,000 studios worldwide for £79 per month.
Indian Book Your Game and MoveGB (London) were created for booking classes per session without compulsory memberships.
Somuchmore (London) makes 40,000 classes at 280 participating studios, gyms, and spas available after a monthly contract, possible to be withdrawn anytime.
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As a result, people are less and less likely to sign up for a full membership, thus, a new client base was formed, promoting gyms, especially those with no budget for PR. Not all the studios, however, profit on fitness apps, some leave them, which makes offers of the latter too narrow.
Nevertheless, these tendencies have increased the competition among fitness clubs and, therefore, their improvement. Plenty of new programs were launched: altitude training, freestyle training classes, personalized workouts.
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Not just gyms benefit from new apps launched. James Crossley, a personal trainer, and owner of Chelsea Fitness has created the app PTN1 for trainers to share workouts with clients. The program boosts motivation and helps follow the client’s progress.
Still, no matter how workouts have become easier to reach, nothing can substitute the human trainer, who gives you no breaks if they aren’t supposed to be given, and hugs you when you finally fit your school jeans.

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