Five Keys To Lock The Snacks Up In Moderation

Five Keys To Lock The Snacks Up In Moderation

Snacking fuels us up and helps to overcome the thorny weight-loss journey. Keep tabs when you munch on snacks. And never make 5 common mistakes that can lure you into the trap.


Disregard of the hunger

Between 3:00 and 4:00 P.M., our energy level naturally decreases, and you suffer the slight but nagging hunger. The only medicine is a healthy (not huge cookies or whatever junk, luring like the Sirens) snack.


The meal-size snacks


When you have a snack, stick to 150-200 calories. For the better effects, it should combine protein, carbs, and fat (a handful of roasted chickpeas, ¼ cup of nuts and a few apricot halves, 2% yoghurt and a few pistachios, etc).
For the record, eat every two hours, and thus, you won’t be able to stuff yourself with rich food.




Hunger, crowned with the workout, may sabotage your fitness performance, and you’ll end up with the low-intensity workout, followed by overeating. So, have a snack before and after the workout.


Eating the boredom

It’s almost the bedtime, and you feel like having something nutritious. In most cases, you aren’t hungry but need something besides food.
Though, if you’re really hungry, don’t torture yourself, there are multiple healthy late snacks.


Never stop chewing

A cake here, a few chips there – the whole day. Actually, that’s isn’t snacking but fooling around with a full mouth, which makes you eat a heck of crap.
Eat mindfully when you really need it.

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