Graceful Stretches To Borrow From Dancers

Graceful Stretches To Borrow From Dancers

Maybe you’re still a little sore from the HIIT workout you did a couple days ago. Maybe you’re feeling extra tight after a long run. Either way, this flow filled with stretches is sure to get your blood flowing and your limbs loose. So you’ll be ready to tackle whatever the day brings, whether it involves a workout or the couch.

Low Lunge with Twist

Bring your left leg forward and bend at the knee, straightening right leg back behind you and coming into a low lunge. Place right hand on the floor near inside of the left foot, and twist torso as you stretch left arm straight up toward the ceiling. Hold for 5 breaths.

Inner Thigh Low Lunge

With legs spread wide, toes turned slightly out, squat low, bringing weight into the left side while straightening right leg completely, toes flexed.

Repeat Low Lunge with Twist and Inner Thigh Low Lunge on opposite side.


Second Position Plié

From a standing straddled position (legs wide), toes turned slightly out and hands resting on your hips, squat down so thighs are parallel to the floor. Maintain a straight back as if you’re sliding down a wall before coming to standing.

Side Stretch

From the same wide stance, reach right arm up and overhead, bending even farther to the opposite side, really opening up your side body. Circle the lifted arm forward and around a few times.

Flat Back

Keeping same wide second position, hinge at the waist, bringing torso and flat back parallel to the floor, slightly angled to the left. Right arm is straight and pointed forward, arm close to the ear. Left arm is pointed straight out to your side—together they create an L shape.


Straddle Fold

Bring hand to center, nose to left knee. Return to center, hands still on the floor, torso folded over before coming to standing.

Repeat Side Stretch, Flat Back, and Straddle Fold sequence on opposite side.
We hope that these stretches ill bring you flexibility and nice physical state.  If you need more detailed information on how to fulfill all the described above stretches you can watch a video on a reputable fitness portal.

All materials placed on are for informational purposes only. We believe that if you decide to join any fitness program or strat any workouts, the results will be positive. But in no way we guarantee the effectiveness of any fitness program or workouts published on this site.

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