Healthy Lunch Options for the Laziest

If you are a person who prefers eating not for variety but for efficiency, cooking a new dish every day can be a true ordeal for you. Relax! You won’t starve to death this week. Here’s something you can easily cope with!

Your solution is a grain bowl. Made out of sturdy ingredients, it can last at least a week. Plus, it’s totally ‘efficient’ since all the vital nutrients are already there. And more importantly, it’s as easy as a pie (kidding, a pie is more complicated) to cook it in bulk on Sunday and keep for the whole week.

However, before you rush to your fave recipes, think of all your ingredients. Bear in mind that some varieties of veggies, grains, and proteins have higher standing potentials than others. The trick is to opt for these very products over the rest that tend to go bad after a couple of days. In order not to leave you face-to-face with this problem, take into consideration the tips below.

Opt for Sturdy Grains.

Barley, quinoa, sweet potato, pumpkin, and couscous – all of them can hold up for a week without turning into disgusting mush. In addition, they are rich in fiber and carbs. And good news for vegans and vegetarians: some of these grains (such as quinoa) even provide an extra hit of protein. So, if you make them in bulk on Sunday night, you’ll have the whole work week of nutritious lunches.

Choose Only Not-Getting-Soggy Veggies.

When it comes to vegetables, ignore such varieties as tomatoes, mushrooms, and leafy greens. They have a too short shelf life and can easily go soggy overnight. Instead, pick the more structured options. Nice to see you, bell peppers, carrots, and spinach! They can remain ‘unchanged’ for about a week. Chop your veggies up, roast them, and toss in your fridge. If you are a fan of juicy crunches (or just a lazy bone), serve them raw.

Dress Up Your Bowl!

Opt for a vinaigrette recipe. We suppose you won’t have a hard time mixing up oil and vinegar. Such a sauce perfectly goes with grains: unlike leafy greens, they easily soak up the liquid. Prepare it in advance and it will work for you.

Don’t Forget About Proteins!

Say, most of the meats don’t stay longer than two days? Well, you’re partly right: such meats as chicken, ground beef, and turkey are less ‘time-resistant’. However, red meat can last up to five days.

In case the red meat is not the route of your dreams, don’t turn into a vegan. Just grill or roast your favorite chicken breasts and put them in the freezer. Whenever you’re up for some protein fill, just toss them in the microwave and that’s it! However, bear in mind that such chicken breasts won’t retain freshly-cooked taste and texture.

Non-meat eaters can opt for tofu, hard boiled eggs, nuts, or cottage cheese that will also nourish you with proteins for a week. Still, if you can’t live without another meaty fix, some canned salmon or tuna will be a sensible investment.

Portion everything out in containers and that’s it – you are a healthy meal prep goddess!

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