How To Knock The Laziness Out?

How To Knock The Laziness Out?

Even if working out is a part of your routine, surely, you are no stranger to the lack of motivation. How to knock it down in no time? Take Jasmine Tookes, the Victoria’s Secret model who regularly showcases her perfect curves on Instagram, for instance. She has three proved methods to ward off her bad habits:
While the laziness sleeps…

In order not to give the laziness enough time to 100 % capture her motivation, the star tries to work out early in the morning, never putting it off to the evening.

Avoid the lone battles
She involves her friends into getting her motivated, working out with them.


Tookes takes her ‘workout pack’, with her when she travels. If she doesn’t, she loses the momentum and easily falls into a slippery slope of skipping workouts.


What do the experts say?
According to Doug Sklar, a certified personal trainer, the momentum is crucial and more likely to appear as a result of the visible progress.

Also, the approach of working out with buds is seen as a good one by the expert, but with the sensibly picked partner.
In addition, Doug Sklar suggests training all-out not every time, as a lighter day can make you eager to hit your next goals.

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