Keep Away from These Drinks Before You Work Out

Keep Away from These Drinks Before You Work Out

Want to improve your workout performance? Avoid alcohol, soda, dairy energy drinks, fruit and sports beverages before workouts.
Hopefully, everybody knows that chugging booze before exercise is out of the question, though it’s worth mentioning. Alcohol dehydrates you, messes up your balance, affects your decisions, promotes inflammation, makes you smell like a drunkard. As a result, you are likely to overstretch yourself, get hurt, and need more time to recuperate.


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As for dairy energy drinks, which most of us consider being healthy, better take them after exercise. Protein, carbs, and fat, which are contained there, digest pretty long, making you gassy.
Even ‘organic’ fruit-flavored drinks are overloaded with high-fructose, a well-spread additive. However, a fruit drink may appear okay, just remember to check the label.
Even non-sugary carbonated beverages can impact negatively on your training, as they cause abdominal pain, gas, bloating and dehydration, caused by sodium.


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Diet sodas are unwanted drinks, as aspartame, the most common sweetener contained, may trigger memory loss, mood swings, dizziness, and migraines. Not that motivating, isn’t it?
It might sound surprising, but most sports drink hardly give you advantages. Only some of them, low in sugar and high in electrolytes, improve your recovery after exercise. But, mostly, they mess; with your hormones and prolong the recuperation after a workout.


The only 100%-proven drink is water, what you actually need: twenty ounces before you work out, eight ounces when you warm up, and eight ounces more every ten to twenty minutes.

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