Lose Weight at the Gym and Keep It Off

Lose Weight at the Gym and Keep It Off

If your goal is a slim and toned body, work hard at the gym. But does your workout pay off? Check these tips from the experts.
Stop ceaselessly monitoring your calorie output. Instead, focus on intensity: expand the duration of each rep, work on techniques, use heavier dumbbells, etc. Aim not only to look better but to feel better.
If you do high-intensity interval training (HIIT), push yourself to the max. However, no matter how productive HIIT is, do it in moderation. Proceed to HIIT only if you are fit and well-rested. Otherwise, sub it with steady-state cardio (cycling, swimming, fast walking, etc) to squeeze more sessions and more joy. While at it, make sure you are able to talk throughout it. That defines the difference between HIIT and steady state exercises.


Never skip strength training. Build lean muscles which burn calories at rest and boost metabolism in order to lose more weight. Moreover, do compound exercises (a bicep curl with a lunge, for e.g.). The more muscles hit, the more calories burnt.
Stretching is strategically important, as while stretching, you prepare your muscles to workout and prevent injury. So, save several minutes before or after you work out.


Consistency is essential. Come up with the workout you really enjoy, and do it on a regular basis. In case your results are stall, increase the intensity, timing or switch to the other type of workout.

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