New Apple Watch Models Give No Excuses to Skip Run

New Apple Watch Models Give No Excuses to Skip Run

The Apple Watch has finally made an upgrade that will excite you, even if you are not into workouts but have certain fitness goals.

Apple Watch II
• Built-in GPS – to track your pace, distance, and a route without a smartphone
• Brighter display – for workouts in the dark
• Water resistance (up to 50 meters) – to track open-water and pool workouts
• Heart rate tracker
• Smart reminders
• Stress-reduction breathing app.

Apple Watch Nike+

Moreover, Apple has released the Apple Watch Nike+ in partnership with Nike including all these new features, and two running-focused Watch Faces; and a complication for launching the Nike Run Club app, which is ready to go on the Watch Face.


The Nike+ Run Club app leaves you no excuses to skip running with the reminders triggered by your friends’ shared activity, run scheduler, weather alerts, your own history, and virtual fist bumps that you can send to your friends.


The band for both models is still light and flexible but perforated to regulate your sweat.


The Apple Watch Nike+ is available from $369 to $399; the Apple Watch Series 2 starts at $369. The models require iOS 10 or later.


Nevertheless, if you are not ready for an upgrade, the latest software includes a bunch of new health features.

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