• A Guide for Proper Pre-Workout Eating

    A Guide for Proper Pre-Workout Eating0

    When speaking about working out, most experts say it’s important to feel fueled up. While eating right before the training session may cause discomfort, hitting the gym on an empty stomach isn’t the solution either. Heidi Skolnik, a nutritionist, and author of Nutrient Timing for Peak Performance, shares her tips on proper pre-workout eating. All through

  • Where Do Vegans Get Calcium?

    Where Do Vegans Get Calcium?0

    When we think about calcium, a glass of cold milk is the first association. And that’s fair, as the bio-availability of cow’s milk tends to be the highest. Furthermore, with a couple of servings of milk (also, cheese or yogurt), you will get the recommended calcium allowance per day.   But what if you are

  • Five Keys To Lock The Snacks Up In Moderation

    Five Keys To Lock The Snacks Up In Moderation0

    Snacking fuels us up and helps to overcome the thorny weight-loss journey. Keep tabs when you munch on snacks. And never make 5 common mistakes that can lure you into the trap.   Disregard of the hunger Between 3:00 and 4:00 P.M., our energy level naturally decreases, and you suffer the slight but nagging hunger.

  • The Unexpected Benefits Of Carrots

    The Unexpected Benefits Of Carrots0

    Maybe you’ll not be able to see in the dark like a bat, but that does not diminish the efficiency of carrots. The benefits of carrots are underestimated. There are two types of male attitude toward carrots: the first type would probably give #eatclean juice zealots a generous berth at the salad bar. The second

  • Slushy Ice Drink May Be Better Than Plain Water When Working Out in the Heat

    Slushy Ice Drink May Be Better Than Plain Water When Working Out in the Heat0

    The majority of people used to have a nice glass of cold water after an athletic game or a workout, thinking about it as the most beneficial ever. Yet still, there is a new research suggesting that if your activity was an extremely dynamic workout in high heat, a slushy water mix may be of

  • All Secrets About Coffee Unveiled

    All Secrets About Coffee Unveiled0

    Surely, most of you are sipping coffee while reading this article. But have you ever thought of how much the caffeine impacts on your body? If no, read on.   Positive effects. 10 minutes after the caffeine reaches your bloodstream – and it lessens the effects of adenosine (a depressant), fueling you up with a