Pieces of Workout Gear for At-Home Fitness

Pieces of Workout Gear for At-Home Fitness

If at-home training sounds way more attractive to you, make sure you’ve bought these pieces of sports gear.

As it is getting cold outside, you’re bringing in the idea to toss away hitting the gym and just snuggle down on your favorite couch more often than ever. Luckily, you’re able to combine these two activities super easy. Just think about turning one of your rooms into a training studio. It may lack floor-length selfie mirrors and all of the first-rate equipment, but fewer pieces of equipment do not mean worse results.
We’ve mustered the best at-home training equipment for you to get a quick sweat-worthy workout from the comfort of your home.


Adjustable dumbbells


As you don’t have enough space at home, placing a mile-long rack of dumbbells would be sort of a short-sighted decision. Try using the adjustable dumbbells for the effective at-home workout. They come with a storage rack so it’s easy to hide them after you’re done.


Mini resistance bands


These small portable pieces of workout gear are gaining incredible popularity among the at-home fitness enthusiasts. Unlike the longer bands, these mini versions provide three levels of resistance for stretches, mobility exercises, etc.

Yoga mat


If your slippery carpet or hardwood floor always let you down, try this no-slip yoga mat. You’ll forget about sliding around and become more confident in your poses. This yoga mat would also be a nice cushion for doing push-ups, planks, or floor stretches.

Adjustable kettlebell


Kettlebells come in handy for a quick total-body conditioning. This item consists of seven smaller kettlebells. So, depending on the exercise, you can regulate the weight you’re taking (from 10 to 40 lbs).


Soft medicine ball


Unlike the traditional medicine balls, this soft one does not lead to any damage to your property. Soft medicine balls range in weight from 4 to 40 lbs, and they’re made of durable leather. So, you can be sure, it won’t break anything while you’re doing your trunk twists.

Weighted jump rope


Take the good old-fashioned jump rope up a notch by adding some resistance to pumping up your heart rate in half the time. To avoid breaking any of your belongings while jumping, you better clear the training area. If you want to intensify the workout, add in double-unders, high knees, or just criss-cross your feet while jumping.

Foam roller


When you’re not motivated enough for an at-home high-intensity session, forcing yourself is not an option. It’s better to take a day to recover and get ready for your next high-intensity gym workout. This rigid foam roller is perfect when it comes to relieving muscle tension. With three different pressure zones, it helps increase flexibility in back, hamstrings, quads and so on. You can use this piece of sports gear even in front of your TV!

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