Pregnancy Challenges. Challenge it!

Pregnancy Challenges. Challenge it!

Undoubtedly, pregnancy is not for the weak. Sometimes, women take pains in attempts to get out of the bed, let alone being active and fit.

But that’s not about Caley Reece, a six-time champion muay thai fighter. With her example, the girl rebuts pregnancy to mean immobility. The athlete has astonished the Facebook users by uploading the video of her training. Being at week 39 of her pregnancy, she seems to make kicks with incredible ease.

In response to the commenters concerned about life and health of her child, Caley assured that she by no means endangered the child’s life. The champion added that they never pivot with their stomachs in muay thai. In fact, they turn only with their hips and feet.
Reece strongly believes that pregnancy isn’t a disease but just another state of health. So, it’s no way a reason to wrap up in a blanket like a burrito and fall asleep for 9 months. On the contrary, it is definitely a good reason to start taking care of yourself, as there is a vital task resting on your shoulders – to create life. So, it’s important to be in proper mental and physical condition. At least, for your new addition.

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