Right Sneakers: 4 Rules To Choose

Right Sneakers: 4 Rules To Choose

The wonderful thing about running lies in its simplicity – no equipment, no team required. But it can turn out disastrous when your sneakers don’t fit.
Finding shoes is crucial for both beginners and advanced runners. So, the moment you enter a shoe store, mind these aspects.

Totally fit shoes may cause blisters and broken toe nails, as your feet swell in the course of the run. Buy shoes a half-size larger with thumb-wide space between a tip and a toe. The collar, in turn, should feel loose around the heel. There shouldn’t be any pressure under your foot.
Arch support

Define which type of arches you have. While flatter feet typically need additional support under the arch, high, rigid arches require more neutral shoes.
In case you ignore the type of your arch, it may result in an excess arch drop, or your foot may be laterally with too much support. All these contribute to injury.

Most customers tend to prefer weightless shoes. But that’s misconception, as lightness means less support. If your feet are too close to the ground, they hit the surface with more force.

Your shoes should feel as natural as if they are the extension of your feet. Make sure, the shoes you buy are so comfortable, that you’re able run out of the store in them.

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