Should You Run Every Day For Better Results?

Should You Run Every Day For Better Results?

Almost everyone, who has recently started running, encounters the same question:
how often should I run?
Susan Paul, a coach and an exercise psychologist, recommends to decide, at first, what goals you aim at, no matter whether they are health reasons (like weight loss), or you strive to complete the specific distance in a certain period of time. Then map out how much time you are ready to devote to running, taking into account family, school or work commitments.
Susan claims that running three times a week is a great starting point, giving many health and fitness benefits. The recovery time is important, as you minimize the injury or burnout risks. Such a strategy perfectly suits for busy people.


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Though three times a week running is all beneficial, it is more effective with some cross-training in addition. Thus, it can be extremely effective not only for running but other groups of muscles, and for your fitness base in general.
If you are not a cross-training enthusiast, you can try a daily run, which has its own pros and cons, because without giving yourself enough recovery time you can be exhausted. So reduce the frequency of running to five or six days a week with different routes, mileages and training paces.
Anyway, a well thought-out training plan is your turning point. Also, always note your progress, because sometimes your goals differ from the initial ones, as you grow different.

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