Six Benefits of Running

Six Benefits of Running

It is probably common knowledge that running is a fantastic way to get into shape and maintain it. Nevertheless, not many people are familiar with the fact that running is actually capable of improving almost every part of one’s body, as well as one’s mental state. It is still true that many people wouldn’t name running as the most enjoyable form of exercise. But you might change your opinion of running if you know exactly how it can make your life a lot better.

Improve Your Health
This might seem to be an obvious statement, but it doesn’t change the fact that running is a superb way to increase your overall level of health. According to a number of scientific studies published in the recent years, running significantly improves the level of good cholesterol in your body. Also, running improves the use and function of your lungs. Furthermore, it has a great positive effect on your immune system. It is also necessary to mention that those who run on a regular basis are far less exposed to the risk of developing blood clots.

Prevent Disease
Not many people are familiar with the fact that those women that run regularly face a lower risk of having breast cancer. Another way that running helps people of both genders is that it substantially reduces the risk of experiencing a stroke. It has now become common for doctors to recommend running for those patients who have high blood pressure, osteoporosis or are in the early stages of diabetes. Moreover, running on a regular basis helps your arteries retain their elasticity, which in turn improves the function of your heart, which means you face a lower risk of a heart attack if compared to someone who doesn’t run.

Lose Weight
Undoubtedly, running is one of the best options for someone who would like to lose or maintain a consistent weight. It has been scientifically proven that running is the best way to burn off additional calories. On top of that, running is second only after cross-country skiing as the most helpful exercise in terms of calories burnt per minute.

Increase Your Confidence
The benefits of running are not limited to physical ones. Some mental improvements are also observed. For example, running is likely to increase your confidence. Running involves the psychological process of setting goals and achieving results. By doing this, you will notice a greater sense of empowerment and fulfillment. This brings you a sense of feeling a lot happier.

Relieve Stress
Experiencing high levels of stress may have both mental and physical consequences on your mind and body. It may lead to lower appetite and lack of good quality sleep. This is exactly where running helps, as it makes your body exert additional energy and hormones. It is also worth mentioning that those who run tend to have fewer tension headaches.

Cure Depression
Of course, running does not seem to be one of your best options when you are depressed. However, try it and only a few minutes into your exercise you will realize that your mood is starting to change for the better. This happens because while you are running, your brain starts to exert certain hormones that naturally affect your mood in a good way. Some may be surprised by the fact that there are very few things in the world that are better at eliminating depression than exercise like running.

Some readers will be surprised to find out all the different aspects of your physical and mental health that can be improved by running. Furthermore, the benefits of running are far from limited to those six we have outlined for you in this article. Exercise such as running is capable of having an incredibly positive impact on the way your body, mind, and spirit function. Even short running strolls will give you a feeling of additional energy, better ability to concentrate, and above all – appreciation of everything life has to offer.

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