Spine Problems? Make These Shifts in Your Workout Routine

Spine Problems? Make These Shifts in Your Workout Routine

Pain is never an excuse to skip workouts. Especially, when it comes to the back. The trick is that exercise, in this case, turns out to be extremely supportive: people with the chronic lower-back problems are 31% less likely to suffer from an increase in pain if they are active. Surely, with some shifts in their routine.


Sub running with swimming.
Reduce the impact on your back. Try swimming. As the water provides both support and resistance, it is the perfect low-impact exercise.

Sub stationary bikes with recumbent bikes.
The stationary bike is the great non-pool option but tough on your back. Opt for the recumbent bike – the one when you lean back and the pedals are in front of you.


Sub cardio with vinyasa yoga.
Want to get your heart pumping and sweat pouring? Vinyasa or hot yoga, especially, in groups is the decent substitution for the cardio aerobics. Also, your coach can take the workout limitations in, grounding on your abilities.


Sub crunches with planks.
Since sit-ups and full crunches are stressful for the lower back, carve the washboard on your abs with a plank. But note, in the ‘up’ part, keep your spine flat and look in a few inches in front of your hands.


Sub squats with wall sits.
If you aim to tone your legs and butt (also, abs), try a wall sit. The exercise hits almost the same muscles as squats, but with the extra support of the wall.


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