Staying Fit During Your Pregnancy

Staying Fit During Your Pregnancy

Pregnant and active? The recent research has revealed that workouts in this period are beneficial both for a mom and a baby. So, you need to stay active during the pregnancy.
Still sceptical? Exercise ease labor and recovery, contributes to the child’s further mental and physical development. However, the workout routine needs to be modified but not increased. See what tweaks in your exercise you should make.
140 beats per minute – is a myth.
In 1985, the pregnant tried to limit their heart rate to 140 beats per minute, or not to elevate it at all. But later, this data proved to have no scientific value.

Pregnant Hispanic woman practicing yoga on beach

Workouts ease delivery.
Pregnant women exercising are proved to be less likely to have a C-section, as a strong core makes a vaginal delivery easier. So, while working out, focus on your core muscles, but don’t strengthen six-pack ab muscles to make room for a growing baby.
Avoid high-impact exercise.
Avoid exercise with a lot of impact. That’s because the child is additional weight to your knees, which shouldn’t be increased.

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Heat and hydration.
Mind temperature and hydration when you are pregnant, because you are much more likely to overheat.
Anyway, your body will always signal to you. You’ll always know when something is wrong. So, if it doesn’t feel OK, stop doing it.

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