The Golden Age of Apps

The Golden Age of Apps

Everybody loves their cell phones so much that they’d even give up some of the life’s greatest pleasures. According to a recent study led by TeleNav, one-third of American adults would rather forego having sex for a week, and 55 percent would rather do without caffeine.
Keep calm, there’s no need to pick just one of them. As a matter of fact, the plenty of apps available means loving your cell buddy can boost your health. Look through these five apps to find the best ones to make your day and night.
Staying Fit with Endomondo
It’s always good to start your day with some training! The research proves that working out with a friend makes you more likely to stick to it. But what if your gym bestie lives in NYC and you’re in LA? With the help of this fitness app, you’ll be able to compete with your friends, no matter where they are from. You can even share and receive pep talks on-line. One more plus of this app is tracking your distance, speed, and calories burnt. Consider it as an option to be involved in some healthy challenge with your bi-coastal gym buddy.
Eating Healthy with MyFitnessPal
You’ve already heard it: counting calories consumed is an indispensable part of shedding pounds. Though, nobody wants to schlep a notebook all day long jotting down everything eaten. MyFitnessPal takes helps with calculating the percent of your healthy eating. Just insert your weight loss goal, and then pick what you eat during the day from 1,100,000 foods on the list. This app keeps a running tab as well.

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Staying Cheerful with Caffeine Tracker

Can’t do without another cup of coffee in the afternoon? With Caffeine Tracker app you can enjoy a few cups of caffeinated drinks throughout the day and be sure, you will not sacrifice your sleep. Enter the drink you like—coffee, cola, or tea—and the graph shows you when the caffeine will exit your digestion system.
Doing You-Know-What with My Days
This app is perfect for women, who want to check their periods. It’s of particular use when planning a baby (or not). My Days app requires the information about your periods and recent sexual contacts to map your ovulation and fertility.
Hitting the Sack with Relax and Sleep
From time to time, a little bit of white noise can be all you need to fall asleep. Your phone can serve as a white noise machine if you install the Relax and Sleep app.
More than fifty ambient sounds—such as loons on the lake, the hum of an air conditioner, or the sound of a beating heart—will help you fall asleep.

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