The Unexpected Benefits Of Carrots

The Unexpected Benefits Of Carrots

Maybe you’ll not be able to see in the dark like a bat, but that does not diminish the efficiency of carrots.
The benefits of carrots are underestimated. There are two types of male attitude toward carrots: the first type would probably give #eatclean juice zealots a generous berth at the salad bar. The second type tends to have some prejudices against the carrots and the benefits they bring. But with the rates of prostate cancer constantly growing, this second category should reconsider the insufficient consumption of so-called ‘rabbit food’.
The epidemiologists at the China’s University of Zhejiang had undertaken a meta-analysis of 10 surveys touching upon the cancer-fighting efficiency of carrots. Their findings show that men who consume at least one carrot a day can bisect their risk of prostate cancer.

The secret why carrots are protective against prostate cancer has not been found yet, but the scientist assume this could be because of their carotenoid content.
prostate_cancer_cellsThe image shows prostate cancer cells

The frequency of consumption was the crucial point of the study. The chances of the disease decline by 18%, provided that the man consumed carrots three times a week. But the daily dose of carrots proved to be most efficient, as it sliced the risks by 51%. One serving of carrots a day (10g) was enough to point out the benefits. Moreover, you can have it juiced with apple and ginger to save your colleagues from that annoying sound of chewing. Now you’re officially aware of the key to longer and healthier life.

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