Things To Keep In Mind On A Race Day

Things To Keep In Mind On A Race Day

The first marathon’s coming? Keep in mind these rules in order not to make it an epic fail.
Nothing new on a race day!
Stick to the old, proven routine: the same suit you put on every workout, the same pre-race breakfast, and the pace you trained for.
Remember to charge all the needed gadgets!
Otherwise, the battery on your GPS watch may die at the moment of your glory.





Check the weather forecast.
This little thing, the weather, may derail all the hard work you’ve done. Be prepared for it: take a waterproof top for the rain, or put hand-warmers on if it’s more likely to be wintery, etc.




Run with ‘your’ people.
The signs and designations on your race bib exist for a reason, as they guide you where to line up. Who wants to get trampled by the ‘rockets’ or trample the slow pokes

Start slow.
Seriously, make your first mile the slowest. Calm down, let people pass you. Leave the outracing for the rest of your time.


Keep your music at a moderate volume.
Almost all of us get psyched with the right song. However, at the race, too loud music can sabotage your own safety, muffling the outside sounds and the signals of your body.


Proper recovery.
Right after the race, let your body cool down: a short recovery jog, walking, stretching, some yoga, massage, whatever – just keep moving to prevent your body from the dreadful soreness.


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