This Relaxing Yoga Routine Is Perfect For The Fall Time

This Relaxing Yoga Routine Is Perfect For The Fall Time

When fall comes around you know it’s time to switch over to your sweaters and PSLs, but you can also use exercise to get ready for the new season.


Yoga instructors Krissy Jones and Chloe Kernaghan, co-founders of New York City-based Sky Ting Yoga, created a restorative sequence that will help you prep for the fall transition—and give you a heft dose of relaxation whenever you need a calming boost.


sky ting yoga


The main focus in the fall is moving, opening up the lungs, which in Chinese medicine is the dominant organ for the season. That’s why this practice focuses on back bending, which they say helps to open up the lungs and improve your breathing.


So go on and flow through this routine—then maybe reward yourself with that PSL. We won’t tell.

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