Top 10 Fitness Applications for Your Smartphone

Top 10 Fitness Applications for Your Smartphone

Over the past decade or so, smartphones have become an integral part of our daily routine and now take up so much of our time that many even have trouble walking on a sidewalk without bumping into another pedestrian. If browsing through your newsfeed or swiping right on dating apps was a part of Olympics, we would definetely bring a medal home. However, the only part of your body that gets exercise, in this case, is your thumb. Nevertheless, it does not mean that your smartphone is a useless device that is incapable of helping you to become healthier and happier. You simply need to be familiar with the useful kind of applications that would help you achieve that. This is why we have prepared this selection of the best fitness apps for you. While working on the list we tried and tested hundreds of options available on the market today, and in the end narrowed them to 10 best health and fitness applications, which are presented in no specific order.
Couch to 5K
There are many guys and girls who have intended to start running for quite some time, but are still not quite certain just where to start. If you fall into this category, Couch to 5K definitely should be the very next application you download. This app will give you three workouts each week for a total period of eight weeks. By the end of the program you are guaranteed to be in shape for your local Turkey Trot or Forth of July road race. Couch to 5K is available for free for both iOS and Android devices.

We have to admit, we couldn’t resist being attracted to Cassey Ho ever since we first discovered her Blogilates videos on YouTube. But the app makes things so much easier – here you can watch any of her videos, participate in an online forum on health-related issues, and get a monthly workout calendar. Blogilates is available to both iOS and Android users. It is free to download, but some features within the app require a small financial commitment.

Zombies, Run!
A lot of people don’t consider running the most fun of all kinds of exercise, but it can certainly bring entertainment as well as benefits to your physical and mental state. This is exactly what you get with this exciting app called «Zombies, Run!», where every step gets you closer to completing a certain mission – be it gathering materials for your base camp or preventing ordinary humans from the ongoing zombie apocalypse. Zombies, Run! became the highest-grossing application in the «Health & Fitness» category on iTunes and you will soon realize why. The basic version of the game is free to download, but the most exciting tools are paid. Zombies, Run! comes in both iOS and Android versions.

If you would like to stay healthy and exercise but are so busy that you cannot squeeze a visit to the gym into your schedule, Fitnet is definitely the right fitness app for you. Fitnet offers an immense variety of short targeted workouts (usually 5 and 7 minutes long) and therefore allows you to focus on your work responsibilities or family arrangements. Moreover, the app has introduced an entirely new sort of selfie – it uses your phone’s camera to determine how closely you repeat the required moves. Fitnet is free for download in both iOS and Android versions, but some of the functions need to be purchased within the app.

This excellent free application provides you with an individual workout according to specific parameters you enter. Simply enter how much time you are ready to spend on it (anywhere between five and sixty minutes) and select the kind of workout (choose between cardio, strength, stretching and yoga) and you will be shortly presented with a number of moves to follow. The app may be further tailored to your specific criteria such as the number of reps and the parts of the body you would like to work on. Please note that this is available in the premium version of the app, which costs $4.99.

StrongLifts 5×5
Forget about having to keep track of your lifting performance at the gym with a pencil and a piece of paper. StrongLifts 5×5 records your exercise, number of reps, as well as rest time between the reps. So you may focus solely on your performance and leave the administrative duties to StrongLifts 5×5.
Strava Running & Cycling
Any dedicated cyclist or runner needs one convenient place where the most recent runs and rides are recorded. Strava is truly outstanding in performing this task. Strava keeps track of the distance you cover, your speed, elevation, the number of calories you burn, your heart rate, cadence, and power. All of this information is then summed up in clear and understandable graphics. Strava is available for free to iOS and Android users, but some features within the app need to be paid for.

Motion Traxx
Listening to music is undoubtedly a great way to make your workout more entertaining. However, many would agree that sometimes it takes hours to create the right playlist for it. Motion Traxx is a superb application that enables you to avoid that problem. Motion Traxx offers coaching advise from some of the world’s most reputable specialists, as well as music playlists carefully designed for the expected level of intensity at every stage of your sweat session.

Spotify Running
Spotify is one of the biggest things on the Internet that emerged in the last couple of years. However, few may be familiar with its Running section, which measures the pace of your run and selects a song with the beats per minute that exactly matches your pace. Yes, from now on your music will be matching your cadence, and not vice versa!

This application may resemble the famous Yelp, yet particularly for outdoor enthusiasts. Tell Yonder where you are located geographically and it will suggest an abundance of exciting options for biking, kayaking, hiking and skiing. All of them are accompanied by helpful reviews from other nature-lovers.

All materials placed on are for informational purposes only. We believe that if you decide to join any fitness program or strat any workouts, the results will be positive. But in no way we guarantee the effectiveness of any fitness program or workouts published on this site.

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