Top 8 Healthy Food Staples of Your Green Diet

Green-based diet is the shortcut to a beautiful and healthy look. People who get their five a day are less likely to fall ill because this eating pattern raises immunity. If you wish to join this healthy-eating community, think about diversifying your diet plan with the following superfoods.


This leaf is steadily gaining its momentum, and not for nothing. As explained by Rachel Beller, nutritionist and founder of the Beller Institute, two cups of kale contain 4g of protein and 3g of fiber. This veggie is also exceptionally versatile, meaning it can be cooked in different ways and still taste delicious.


One serving of these fluffy-skinned contains two times more potassium than bananas and the same amount of vitamin C as oranges. Stocked with fiber and magnesium, kiwi is also a low-calorie sweet snack that doesn’t stress too much over your weight.


Yep, they are small, but the size is often overestimated. Peas are a source of fiber and protein. Add on to its résumé the beneficial antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and this product will surely become one of the most wanted on your shopping list. If eating fresh peas is not your thing, you can buy frozen, suggests Beller. It’s not recommended, however, to consume canned peas, as they get deprived of some useful nutrients while being canned.


Surprisingly, this herb can be used in many other ways except for adding a final touch to your dish. Amy Chaplin, the author of the blog Coconut & Quinoa and vegetarian chef, emphasizes that parsley is a bottomless source of vitamins A and C, iron, calcium, and magnesium. It adds a fresh look and taste to any salad, soup, salsa, or pasta. This antioxidant-rich plant can even slim your waistline by flushing excess water out of the body.

Swiss Chard

These greens are usually sold under many other names, such as crab beet, silver beet, or spinach beet. Amy Chaplin implies they contain a fair share of vitamins A, K, and C and chlorophyll, and taste all the way perfect sautéed, sliced into a salad, or steamed.


This spring, arugula is likely to lose some of its fans because they will swap it for peppery-tasting watercress. This is literally the best friend of foodies due to its low-calorie content. Watercress proudly joins the range of cancer-fighting food products, as explained by Rachel Beller.

Collard Greens

In addition to its cancer-slashing properties, this member of the cabbage group is abundant with calcium, magnesium, and beta-carotene. And it’s not too hard to cook collards. Chaplin suggests adding these greens to a light creamy cauliflower soup. All you need to do is to simmer collards with cauliflower and add some dill to taste, voilà!


Rachel Beller believes that with pistachios you don’t risk putting on weight, “For 100 calories, you get 30 pistachios along with a ton of protective nutrients.” Combine them with a serving of fruit to ward off your afternoon cravings. A small tip: pistachios taste best when sprinkled on top of your dessert. Chop them finely and enjoy an extra-crunchy treat.

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