Track What You Eat With These 5 Nutrition Apps

Track What You Eat With These 5 Nutrition Apps

Our world is getting more and more digital. Obviously, the people’s lifestyle and habits should have changed to meet the technology crawling into our minds. Whereas Pokémon Go is supposed to encourage “the millennials” to work out more (sort of), we suggest you have a look at these nutrition apps. With their help, choosing what produce to buy or decoding the back of a snack box will no longer be a problem for you.


Chemical Cuisine

Only a true chemist like Walter White will be able to read the ingredient list of an average snack box. Ever since we’re not outstanding scientists, the terms are not what we’re good at. Fortunately, the nice people from Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) have created an app to decompose that list of harmful chemicals. Chemical Cuisine makes the consumers aware about all the extra fillers and additives, which their regular meal contains.


Seasonal and Simple

For food newbies, Seasonal and Simple is doing a huge job pointing out which produce is in season right now and how to store certain types of food. The app comes in handy when you want to save some extra cash by avoiding food waste. Think about that.


Dirty Dozen

If you’re a passionate organic food enthusiast, check out the Dirty Dozen app before hitting the grocery store. This app offers a thorough list of the most commonly contaminated foods (“The Dirty Dozen” category), as well as the list of pure organic produce (aka “The Clean Fifteen”).



Yes, its name somehow reminds of a health PSA, but this app is actually not that bad. It provides a breakdown of foods, which are assigned a letter grade based on their advantages. All the F-grade products are given a healthy alternative. Fooducate can also be used as a food diary. For example, if you’re selecting the products to avoid because of food allergy, or just want to stick to your diet plan.


Food Tripping

No need to be afraid of being trapped in a food desert! This app helps you discover the healthy restaurants, vegan nooks, artisanal hole-in-the-walls, and food markets anywhere you haven’t been before.

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