Why You Should Include Fish To Your Diet

Why You Should Include Fish To Your Diet

If you were diagnosed with high triglycerides do not give way to despair. Your problem lies in the low amount of the omega-3 fatty acids – DHA and EPA – a group of acids our body unable to produce.


Let us clarify the meaning of “high triglycerides”. Triglycerides are a product of unused calories converted into fat stored in our fat cells. If you burn fewer calories than consume the level of triglycerides increases. High triglycerides may cause the build-up of plaque inside arteries – the reason of atherosclerosis.
So consider consuming more seafood or a fish oil supplement to fill up the lack of necessary elements in order to level up DHA and EPA which favors heart health, prevents senile marasmus and prolongs the overall lifetime.

Recommended DHA and EPA intake can be consumed through eating a vast variety of seafood (especially salmon and tuna containing the highest amounts) minimum twice a week.
If you are not thrilled by fish there are walnut, chia and flax seeds with 3 fatty acid ALA, which can be converted into DHA and EPA by the body. Or consider taking a fish or algae oil supplement, especially if you are afraid of gaining extra weight from DHA and EPA-rich diet.

The same habits that promote overall health, such as healthy nutrition, regular physical training also work to keep triglycerides within a normal range. Anyway, consult the doctor on possible ways to get rid of too high triglycerides before taking any measures.

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