Working Out with A Friend: Pitfalls

Working Out with A Friend: Pitfalls

At the gym, people team up with the pals for different reasons: some need the leaders to push them forward on a lazy day; some need a person waiting for them at 6 A.M. at the gym, leaving no time for hitting the snooze button; or some need the pro to guide them to clarify how the fitness equipment works.
Want to share the sweaty hours with a bud too? Make sure, you’re ready to face the following difficulties.

The different fitness levels


Surely, it is a bit discouraging to be left far behind. At the very beginning, better pick the fitness buddy with the same abilities. Later, opt for someone with a slightly higher fitness level to create the constant stimulus. But stay away from too advanced buddies (if you’re not the one), as you may end up suffering the various injuries.
The different goals

First, compare your goals with your potential partner, which are likely not to match. Never sacrifice your goals, opt for someone else, even the one you don’t know. Don’t be afraid to broaden your social circle. The relationships in and outside the gym often differ.
The different schedules

You might be 100% compatible with your workout pal, but check your workout schedules and duration.
Stop comparing yourself with your workout buddy, as the gym isn’t the place to show off but to improve. Even if he’s far better, he had the steps before making a pro with the sculpted body. Pushing yourself to the brink is more likely to cause injuries rather than bring results.

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