Fitness Apps Instead Of Gym For Your Perfection

Fitness Apps Instead Of Gym For Your Perfection

Tired of expensive stuffy gyms? Sick of a barking trainer? Want to save money not buying fitness trackers? Lastfitnessnews has come up with a new solution.


Workout apps are perfect for those who need not only to get statistics about their workout performance but also to get a highly customized workout regimen in order to gain desired (or required) performance.


gymgoal_ 1

Though Gymgoal is available for iOS devices only, like other apps, it remembers sets, reps, weights, calculates your nutrition goals whilst recording a history of your performance at a particular exercise. Moreover, it shows a related exercise for some body part.


fitness buddy 2

As compared to Gymgoal, Fitness Buddy is a cross-platform app, containing more built-in routines, relevant for both at-home and at-the-gym workouts.


BodBot 3

Gain Fitness for iOS and BodBot for both platforms generate customized workouts based on your fitness level and vital stats. However, a bunch of workout enthusiasts find BodBot weird, to some extent, as it mixes yoga, stretching together with some traditional movements.


fitstar 4

Fitstar is another workout generator, which takes an initial fitness test, tailoring an individual video workout, though it emphasizes on body-weight movements versus exercise with equipment, and does not work on smartphones. That may appear a negative point for those, who prefer an on-the-road training.

Nevertheless, it’s up to you, what to choose. Thanks to the technological progress, the vast choice is available.

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