You’ll Be Bound to Exercising More with These Apps

You’ll Be Bound to Exercising More with These Apps

Just a few taps on your smartphone can turn the process of getting your everyday exercise into an exciting game!

The smashing game Pokémon GO has an extra advantage. The players are constantly looking for virtual creatures that make them move all the way. Not only this app but some others encourage you to go in for fitness by simply presenting it as fun or by providing compensations or fines.

The app Habitica allows you to set the targets, for example, to work out every day. You have to complete the tasks to reach the higher levels and unfold new features. But you will lose your points if missing a target or succumbing to a harmful habit (such as eating junk food) and admitting to it.


With the StickK app, you will be paid an exact amount of money, determined by the app. The sum varies from 30 cents to $5 a week and is paid out when you work out, eat fruit and vegetables, or jot down your meals. The frequency of logging meals is not determined; it is up to you how often you do it. When failing, you’re supposed to pay an amount that you set (for at least $5). Let’s say, you may use the carrot-and-stick approach by making generous donations if you fail at meeting a goal.


Wager on dropping pounds with HealthyWage. You will win money if you achieve your goals, in the period you set. Don’t forget to make a video proof or something like that, or it will not work. The payout amount depends on your weight, your bet, the time frame, and some other factors. If you fail, you will lose your wager.


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