Your Workout Regimen Requires The Strength Training Routine

Your Workout Regimen Requires The Strength Training Routine

With so many studio classes taking over as fitness crazes, it’s easy to forget the simple things, like our dumbbell roots! Let’s get back to the basics of strength training with a workout designed to help you build (or reinforce) a strong foundation with perfect techniques. Break through your strength limitations and tone your body from head to toe with these simple exercises designed to safely work multiple muscle groups at once.



Workout details: Perform each move for about 30 seconds. Repeat the workout a total of three times. You’ll need an exercise mat and one set of 5- to 10-pound dumbbells for this class.


Start with arm circles to warm up your shoulders. Activate your abs with a side plank on both sides. Use single-leg bridges to tap into your glutes. And then finish off with a Spiderman stretch to get your muscles primed and ready to go. The workout begins with single-leg and arm raises, then single-leg squats, single-leg rows, and single-leg lunges with a row and kickback. Switch over to front lunges with a rotation and dumbbell press, followed by squat jumps. Repeat the routine twice for maximum burn.

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