Your Workout Results Are Up To The Proper Nutrition

Your Workout Results Are Up To The Proper Nutrition

Both athletes and fitness enthusiasts need to eat properly after a workout. Why?

Exercise uses up all the nutrients in your body, which need to be put back if you aren’t aimed at weight loss. Eating within 30 – 60 minutes after workouts builds the structure, function, and integrity of all cells, in order to favor the results of your training, otherwise, the risk of power loss and the injury increases.
The perfect ‘recovery’ meal can be a smoothie from peas protein powder or a grass-fed organic whey protein, whipped with fruit, leafy greens, almond butter or coconut oil, and oats or quinoa, or an omelet with one whole organic egg and three whites, paired with veggies, avocado, and black beans. They contain enough proteins, building your muscles, good fat for healing muscles and joints, and plenty of starch.



If your workouts are tough (in high humidity or longer than an hour), you need a sports drink rather than plain water to keep you well-hydrated, replace all the elements missing, and give you energy. In other cases – two cups 15 minutes before, a half cup every 15 minutes during, and two cups for every pound after a workout. And if your urine is pale – you are well-hydrated.
Alcohol isn’t a taboo, but eat, at the first place.
Remember that alcohol accelerates muscle loss and you get weaker by 40%. It can also interfere with replenishing glycogen. Less glycogen causes a lack of power or endurance, so aim for moderation.

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